A complete solution

Medi-Shower utilises Biomaster’s anti-microbial silver ion technology which is embedded throughout the material of the complete Medi-Shower system and is guaranteed not to scratch or wear off throughout the 5-year lifetime of the product.

The colour coded Medi-Shower heads offer a simple solution to recent government concerns identifying the water outlet as the most critical area for bacterial growth.

Medi-Shower works to help protect your organisation every hour of every day, reducing the risk between clean.

Under budget above expectation

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The system includes a hose assembly, a shower handle featuring a smooth bore inner water tract and micro-sized colour coded shower heads. The 3 gram colour coded shower heads are replaced/recycled quarterly.

Future-thinking sustainability

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Medi-Shower has the potential to reduce waste to Zero over its 5 year lifetime as the colour coded shower heads are fully recyclable.

Safer than ever before

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Tested on over 50 different bacterial species in over 2000 applications, Medi-Shower’s anti-microbial addictive helps reduce the proliferation of opportunistic pathogens.