Future-thinking sustainability

Each year in the UK many hundreds of thousands of shower heads are consigned to landfill as Healthcare facilities struggle to deal with the multiple hygiene problems associated with cleaning and maintaining standard shower heads. The Medi-Shower showering system reduces this waste to zero over the 5-year lifetime of the product. In line with standard cleaning regimes the colour coded Medi-Shower inserts are replaced/recycled each quarter offering a positive and easily monitored solution.

A complete solution

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This system is fully contained, including the head, hose and inserts. This makes it cost-effective and absolutely sustainable.

Under budget above expectation

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Unlike competing solutions, there are no nooks for bacteria to easily adhere to, reducing cleaning times and the need to replace shower heads.

Safer than ever before

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Tested on over 50 different bacterial species in over 2,000 applications, this anti-microbial solution reduces harmful species by up to 99.99%