Biomaster demonstrates 97.17% effectiveness over new superbug

30th March 2015 0 Comments

A deadly new superbug – possibly more potent than MRSA – is causing a new wave of concern on wards up and down the UK. In a new 24-hour test, Biomaster-treated Medi-Shower has been shown to reduce 97.17% of the bacterial species K pneumoniae CPE, compared to a non-Biomaster-treated material. Can Biomaster and Medi-Shower be an effective defense against this new threat?

K pneumoniae: the deadly superbug

K pneumoniae is a destructive bacteria that can cause damaging changes to the human lungs, and is capable of causing inflammation and hemorrhage, along with cell death. It is resistant to antibiotics, and some claim that it has the potential to be more dangerous than MRSA.

In a non-clinical setting, the most likely most likely outcome of K pneumonia is pneumoniae – as a form of bronchopneumonia or bronchitis. These patients may also develop lung abscess, cavitation and empyema.

With a high death rate that averages 50% (and closer to 100% for those with alcoholism and bacteremia), K pneumoniae is a significant threat for any patient. Effort must be taken to prevent its spread in healthcare institutions.

Reducing K pneumoniae with Biomaster-treated Medi-Shower

One solution could be the implementation of Biomaster and Medi-Shower. A new test has compared the effects of Biomaster-treated Medi-Shower and a non-Biomaster-treated surface on contact with a species of K pneumonia. The Biomaster-treated Medi-Shower shows a reduction in the level of bacteria by 97.17% (or log10), compared to an untreated material.

The test took place over a period of 24 hours, and both the untreated material and the Biomaster-treated Medi-Shower material were introduced to the bacterial sample at the same time.

At the contact time outset, both materials saw an Effects of Reaction-Rate Variation of 1.3E+04. By the end of the 24-hour period, the untreated material had a variation of 1.1E+05, while the Biomaster-treated Medi-Shower had a higher variation of 3.2E+03, showing how powerful Biomaster is at bacterial reduction.

Biomaster: An effective solution

The success of Biomaster at reducing K pneumoniae levels is a result of the technology’s powerful defense method that removes bacteria in as few as 15 minutes. Medi-Shower has Biomaster technology embedded within its materials, ensuring that exceptional protection lasts a lifetime. If used correctly, it could be an excellent first line of defense against the spread of this new super bug.

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