Infectious disease in residential and leisure sectors

3rd August 2015 0 Comments

The motive behind the creation of Medi-Shower was to reduce the risk of water-borne infection in an affordable way. But Medi-Shower’s application is not restricted to healthcare organisations, or even the unique nautical environs that we discussed earlier this month.

Medi-Shower can also reduce the risk of infection in more familiar areas of life: areas which often face hidden and unexpected risks.


Risk in leisure and residential facilities 

In sports facilities, conditions exist which increase the risks of waterborne infections. In showers and locker rooms of sports and leisure centres, high crowding in closed rooms with humid air provide perfect conditions for many infectious diseases to strike. 

A further risk is that milder-seeming infections, such as Pontiac fever, which is caused by the water-borne Legionella virus, may be ignored by athletes operating in a competitive environment as they try to ‘run off’ their flu-like symptoms.

Other demographics are at increased risk too. Older people living in residential nursing homes appear to have an increased risk of contracting Pontiac Fever via inhalation of Legionella.

A 2008 4-month study of 828 elderly nursing home residents saw 29 cases of Pontiac Fever. All exposure in the study came via inhalation of Legionella while showering. The study found that immunosuppressive therapy among the population significantly enhanced susceptibility to Legionella bacteria.


Medi-Shower’s effect 

Medi-Shower is designed to reduce microfilm buildup within the showerhead, depriving Legionella and other microbes of the environment in which they flourish. We achieve this with our Medi-Flush technology: a small, replaceable insert prevents limescale and bacteria accumulating.

The showerhead also features a silver ion additive with proven anti-microbial properties. This means that Medi-Shower can help prevent the prevalence of aerosol transmitted infectious diseases such Pontiac Fever and deadly Legionnaires’ disease.

To find out more about how Medi-Shower is helping fight infectious disease, click here


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