Introducing the Medi-Flex Tail: a New Product from Medi-Shower

3rd March 2016 0 Comments

We are very excited to announce the successful trial and production of a new anti-microbial product to join our ground-breaking Medi-Shower showerhead components.

The new Medi-Flex Tail is an anti-microbial hose assembly designed for use in healthcare facilities and public buildings. Originally developed to replace less-hygienic standard issue hoses on endoscopy machines, Medi-Flex Tail is recommended for general use across all public facilities, including sinks, bathrooms, kitchens and water fountains. 

Outstanding Results

Using the same silver ion technology as the Medi-Flex Tail, the Medi-Shower, has achieved outstanding anti-microbial results.

A Clinical Translation Research and Innovation Centre study tested our silver ion technology over a four-day period. It found that the growth of Pseudomonas aeruginosa in the Medi-Shower hose was 30-fold less than the growth found in a standard shower hose. 

Another trial at St. James Hospital, Dublin, found that after eight months of continual use, Medi-Shower products tested negative for the Legionella bacteria. 

FM Engineering Operations Manager Gary Bradshaw said “We see this as a very positive result as part of our efforts towards infection prevention.”

Cutting Edge Success

Medi-Shower’s technology has been able to achieve these fantastic results through the innovative application of silver ions’ anti-microbial effects. The ions impede microbial growth by making cell membranes more permeable and increasing the rate at which microbes produce self-harming toxins. 

We are able to launch the new Medi-Flex Tail due to the great success of Medi-Shower, which can now be found in hospitals, public buildings and off-shore facilities across Europe.

For any enquiries about Medi-Shower or the new Medi-Flex Tail, and how they can reduce dangerous microbial growth on your premises, explore our products here, or get in touch now. Call +44 (0) 208 263 6095 or email 


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