Medi-Shower Secures Off-Shore Deal with BP

16th October 2015 0 Comments

In the vast majority of cases, an offshore installation will generally use a single source of portable water for drinking, eating and washing, and therefore, the integrity of this supply is vital for the wellbeing of the crew. Illness can easily spread around a crew when the water has not been decontaminated with the proper antibacterial precautions.


In addition, when water supplies are limited, as they are in offshore installations, it’s vital that all measures are taken to prevent unnecessary loss of water, reducing cost and waste.  


That is why we approached BP to explain how our Medi-Shower showerheads would significantly reduce the chances of infection from water-borne diseases such as Pseudomonas and Legionella, as well as reduce costs and water loss.



EPSCO – Specialists in potable water safety


Working with our Offshore and Marine distributor for the North Sea and Norway, EPSCO, we are happy to announce that BP will be installing Medi-Shower showerheads onto the Clair Ridge installation. 


Epsco initially formed to provide the water industry with a service that would meet stringent guidelines for the disinfection of public water supply. This capability was quickly recognised by the offshore and marine sector, with a need for similar solutions to be delivered in more challenging operating environments. 

By consistently re-instating potable water systems in a safe and clean condition, with no impact on production, EPSCO has built a reputation as the premier contractor across the North Sea. 

Epsco are now widely regarded is the "go to" company for the major oil companies. Offshore, their main client relationships in the UK and Norway are with Total, Conoco Phillips, BP, Diamond Offshore, Nexen, Statoil, Transocean, Exxon Mobil and Shell.

As Craig Lesslie Project Manager for Epsco noted "EPSCO's see Medi-Shower as another forward step to improving and ensuring the ongoing health of problematic potable water systems.”


Medi-Shower are extremely pleased to have won this contract, and we look forward to working closer together with EPSCO and BP in the future. 



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