NHS infection may fall as Scotland health bosses awarded additional £65m funding

11th February 2015 0 Comments

Healthcare institutions don’t have the funding or resource they need to be effective. Standards begin to slip, and we see an increase in the number of bacterial infections and diseases in our hospitals, care homes and research facilities.In Scotland, to combat rising patient numbers and drug costs, the Scottish government has awarded health boards an additional £65m to help reduce the escalating situation in the NHS.

Infection in the NHS

Across the NHS, 1 in 16 people who receive treatment pick up an infection. Many of these cases are preventable, and could be reduced given that the correct facilities and procedures are in place to keep hospitals and other healthcare institutions sanitary. However, once the infections are contracted, they are treated by a 5-7 day course of antibiotics, which means more patients in hospital beds for longer. As is often the case, prevention is better – and more cost-effective – than treatment.

Preventative measures

According to Health Minister Shana Robison, the cash increase will provide health boards an above-inflation increase in their budgets, and this will facilitate increased implementation of infection-fighting strategies – amongst other things.Robison claims “Our NHS services face challenges as a result of the increase in patients, with more complex illnesses, and the rising costs of expensive new drugs.”

Improving standards for Scotts

“Patients in Scotland should be treated as quickly and as effectively as possible, with the right care, in the right place, at the right time…” Robison continues. “With this increase in funding, health boards are being given more support to achieve this.”Ultimately, £65m will hopefully be invested to improve general sanitary standards in Scottish hospitals.

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