Reported Legionnaires Disease Breakout in Adelaide

1st June 2017 0 Comments

According to a recent story published by ABC News, three cases of Legionnaires’ disease are reported to have broken out in Adelaide, prompting health authorities to urge businesses to decontaminate their air-conditioning and industrial cooling towers. 

At Medi-Shower, we understand that Legionnaires’ disease is a problem worldwide, and that’s why we ship our innovative anti-microbial solutions to our partners around the globe. 

In Australia alone, health authorities in Victoria have just this month issued a warning after four cases of the potentially fatal illness were linked to Melbourne’s outer south-east. There are anywhere between 70 and 80 cases of Legionnaires’ disease in Victoria each year, and 47 people have contracted the illness this year alone.

Of the three recently reported cases in Adelaide, there have been two males and one female. All three people were aged between 58 to 77 and all three have been hospitalised.

According to Dr Chris Lease, SA Health’s director of health protection, said "While there is no source identified for the recent cases which may or may not be related, the investigation into the cases is continuing and precautionary work to address the identified areas of risk is already underway”. The new trio of cases follows (relatively) swiftly on the heels of nine cases that were identified in January. 

As a rule, when a number of incidents occur within close proximity of each other in both time and geographical distance, the government steps in and engages with local council authorities to ensure that there is a clear up, and that preventative procedures are put in place.

Part of this is employing the right new technologies to reduce the risk of water-borne infections from spreading. 

We provide an unmatched anti-microbial showering solution with a cutting-edge design that helps our partners in healthcare institutions, organisations and elsewhere prevent the spread of Legionnaires’ and other water-borne diseases. 

As a complete solution, the Medi Shower system is fully self-contained, and comes equipped with the head, hose and inserts. This means that if you’re working to a strict budget, the Medi Shower can be a sustainable and cost effective solution.

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