Water Sustainability Commitments from COP21 Flood in

17th December 2015 0 Comments

The COP21 global climate conference has finally taken place. The conference didn’t focus specifically on the issue of anti-microbial shower heads. However, a range of different climate-related topics were discussed at all-night talks and representatives from countries around the world poured their efforts into coming up with innovative, cost-effective climate control measures.

Controlling global water supply was one of the targets of the conference, and where water sustainability is often an overlooked area of these talks, we are happy to see that it took a more central role at COP21

Aims of COP21: Where Were the Anti-microbial Shower Heads?

According to French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius who was chairing the summit, "Things are moving in the right direction,” despite the fact that the conference ran a day behind schedule.

The delay in schedule really boiled down to the disagreement amongst participating countries over how much of a deal they were willing to make to come to an agreeable settlement.

The main aim of the project was to ensure that global temperature rises are kept “well below 2°C above pre-industrial levels and to pursue efforts to limit the temperature increase to 1.5°C." Naturally, this is a momentous task that is causing a lot of disagreements – particularly from between developed and undeveloped nations.

However, a slow compromise was made, and the terms mentioned above were finally agreed on in climactic fashion as the conference came to a close – a day behind schedule!

Global Water Commitments

Water is one of the central topics of agreement at COP21. Plenty will being actioned by various groups around water sustainability.

Twenty-seven businesses including Saint Gobain, Danone and Diageo and GSK have formed a new coalition called the Business Alliance for Water and Climate Change. The group promises to reduce risks related to water in terms of its availability and quality.

In addition, cities and countries have also gathered under the water stewardship act to initiate actions that make water systems more resilient to climate–related impact. There has already been $1bn of investment into its operation.

A final point to note is that a brand new coalition of 20 megacities – home to 85 million people has been established to form the Mega Cities Coalition – a knowledge exchange platform for water stewardship projects.

As you can see, there is plenty happening in the world of water sustainability and stewardship, from both cities and countries, and from businesses.

Our View

As a provider of future-thinking hygiene solutions, we followed the conference closely.

Pulse Echo Shower Manging Director, Christie Allen says:

“At Medi-Shower, we’re a forward-thinking organisation that delivers an exciting water-saving showering solution for users around the world. We believe that businesses have an essential role to play in helping to keep global temperatures at a manageable rate, and to play a leading role in helping those who might, and do, suffer from water-related issues. That’s why we invented our incredible anti-microbial shower heads that save water, too!”

We are playing our part in preventing water wastage though our anti-microbial shower heads, and if you would like to see how Medi-Shower can help you, please get in touch at 0208 263 6095.


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