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9th August 2019 0 Comments

Medi-Shower and Compass Advocacy Network (CAN) join forces to cut plastic waste

At Medi-Shower, we are redefining the fate of plastic waste from our shower systems. We start by using only 70g of plastic to produce each Medi-Shower head – in contrast to 220g on average for a traditional showerhead. 

Our Medi-Shower head and hose are manufactured and constructed in the UK, reducing the carbon footprint of travel. Once installed, the simple replacement of the colour coded inserts and shower handle results in a total of 130g plastic waste over a 5-year lifespan of the system v. 4400g for a traditional showerhead discarded every quarter. 

But why stop there? The colour-coded inserts once used are returned to our head office for recycling.  We sought a local solution to the next stage of recycling and identified CAN Can Recycling as a fantastic fit. 

“CAN Can Recycling is a social enterprise working with adults with Learning Disabilities, Mental Health issues and Autism. The programme provides participants with training, qualifications and support on their journey towards employment. Can Can collect waste materials such as cardboard, plastic, aluminium cans and textiles and all the money generated from the processing of this goes back into providing training opportunities.CAN Can Recycling are delighted to be working with Medi-Shower and will be collecting their waste plastic which will be recycled in the aim to divert more plastic from landfill.”

Kim Anderson, Manager, CAN (Compass Advocacy Network)


Together, we are working to reduce the environmental impact of plastic production. 

Medi-Shower – Future Thinking Hygiene.


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